Tamturbo and Sulzer team up with Oil-Free air compressors

July 1, 2019
   The two companies announced, in March 2019, an agreement to supply high-speed air compressor technology together to Sulzer’s main customer segments globally. These markets, such as pulp and paper, sugar and starch, fertilizer and chemical processing which need intrinsically safe oil-free air, can now benefit from the high-speed technology for industrial level air pressures. This technology will replace existing technologies such as oil-free screw compressors in these applications. Sulzer is known for supplying low-pressure high-speed blower units to applications such as wastewater treatment. 
  Tamturbo and Sulzer are teaming up to supply 100 psi (7 bar) oil-free air compressors. 
  Tamturbo, established in 2010, has been operating in the industrial oil-free compressed air market with its Touch-Free? technology. The company launched the product line in the USA at the AICD 2018. Read a story about Tamturbo here. The high-efficiency turbo compressors developed and manufactured by Tamturbo produce oil-free air without any risk of oil contaminating product, air network or condensate water. Compressors operate over a wide capacity and pressure range from 40 to 130 PSI at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Tamturbo has been on the market since 2016 with own operations in Europe and US and global network of distribution partners. The company has units operating in multiple continents.
  Sulzer, a global giant in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, and separation, mixing and application technologies, has used high-speed technology in its low pressure products successfully for more than 20 years. The low pressure HST? turbo compressor is the market leader e.g. in wastewater treatment applications. With this cooperation, the same technological transformation which has happened in the low-pressure blower market since 1996 is now applied to Sulzer industrial air compression. The HSR line of high-speed turbo compressors, was launched by Sulzer in December 2018, builds on this advanced technology ( Sulzer has a presence in around 50 countries globally.
  The core of the cooperation agreement is the high-speed technology with active magnetic bearings. The units also use VSD’s and advanced control technologies to optimize unit efficiency. The advanced flow dynamic optimization ensures no energy is wasted. Standard features include heat recovery for savings on supplemental energy costs and remote monitoring.
  The companies emphasize the lowest total cost of ownership, lowest environmental impact and the highest quality of 100% oil-free compressed air. The technology provides benefits in electrical efficiency, which does not deteriorate during use and a wide turndown range. Critical in industrial applications, the technology offers maintenance-free operation and high reliability. The first Sulzer HST’s were delivered in 1996 and have now been operating in aeration applications for more than two decades with little need for service or maintenance.
  “The cooperation with Sulzer to transform the industrial air compressor market by combining our accumulated capabilities will bring financial, environmental and reliability benefits to customers globally. We see strong potential in accelerating the technology disruption with Tamturbo’s sustainable products also in the industrial medium-pressure compressor market.” Says Olli Kuismanen from Tamturbo in the press release. 
  “This cooperation will increase overall market penetration of Tamturbo’s efficient technology. Tamturbo’s different sales channels will benefit from the increased awareness and therefore will accelerate their sales and therefore their customers’ savings. We believe this will create a snowball effect in the adoption of this technology,” predicts Hannu Heinonen, Vice President for the Americas at Tamturbo.
  “We are happy to provide the necessary backbone and muscle to our customers’ effort to save energy, provide safe and clean air to the processes, and to make sure that unnecessary breakdowns and hefty maintenance bills are history in the field of oil-free compressed air.“ Saku Vanhala, Product Portfolio Manager at Sulzer.
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