MIKROPOR acquires DRYTEC of Belgium

July 1, 2019
   One of the leading names in atmospheric air filtration and compressed air systems, MIKROPOR, an Ankara/Turkey based privately owned company with its own facility in Michigan City, is pleased to announce the acquisition of DRYTEC of Belgium, as part of the company’s plans to expand its production capabilities outside of Turkey.
  DRYTEC s.a., one of the pioneers of the industry, specializes in dryers and also supplies other related products such as in-line filters, condensate drains and many more. The company’s main markets are in Europe, with a wide network of over 200 dealers and customers.
  MIKROPOR, with its main markets in the US, aims to expand its European dealer network in the near future and the acquisition will boost the company’s efforts, as it enables the company to take advantage of DRYTEC’s reputation and experience in the market, built in the last 37 years.
  MIKROPOR continues its strategic plan, aiming at confirming its leadership in the atmospheric air filtration and compressed air business, as it expands its product range both through organic growth and also strategic acquisitions worldwide.
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