Sulzer taking Houston intern applications

July 1, 2019
        Over a 12-week period, interns in Sulzer’s program for young engineers in Houston will gain hands-on experiences with rotating equipment including turbines, compressors, motors generators and pumps.
  Sulzer will once again offer a summer intern program for young engineers in education. The internship, taking place in Houston, Texas, USA, is designed to provide first-hand job experience on how to repair and service rotating equipment. In this way, students can develop their professional skills, which will be extremely valuable in their future careers.
  Sulzer, a global provider of maintenance and repair solutions, places great emphasis on investments in young engineers and new staff. Training and development activities play a key role, as they help the company to maintain its advanced knowledge base whilst supporting talented engineering students to grow as competent professionals and jumpstart their careers.
  The 12-week internship will run from May to August and will allow the selected students to learn and gather hands-on experience with rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, motors, generators and pumps, as well as work directly with shop mechanics, machinists and technicians. In addition, the interns will be assigned one or multiple engineering projects based on the skills acquired in the shop, such as designing new inspection equipment or techniques that improve process flow.
  The summer intern program helps Sulzer to discover promising young engineers, thus the initiative will also give a chance to prospective applicants to become full-time employees at Sulzer upon completion of the internship program. “Sulzer offers a unique platform, where students can learn how the engineering industry works and show their talents and skills to a leading business, like Sulzer,” explained Jennifer Gaines, mechanical design engineer at Sulzer, who runs the internship program.
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