GCA providing five scholarships

July 1, 2019
   The Gas Compressor Association (GCA) is offering up to five US$2000 scholarships to interns, employees, spouses of employees or children of employees of GCA member companies.
  The scholarships will count toward a one-year certificate or a two-year associate degree program in gas compression, oil & gas technology or a closely related oil & gas program at a GCA partner college. GCA partner colleges include Lackawanna College, OSU Institute of Technology, Panola College, San Juan College and Western Wyoming Community College.
  The scholarship program is designed to address the industry’s ongoing need for compressor operators and maintenance technicians, while also benefitting employees of GCA member companies and GCA’s partner colleges.
  The employee associated with each applicant must be actively employed with a GCA member company in good standing at the time of application. A list of current GCA member companies can be found here.
  Application forms are available here. Completed applications, along with the applicant’s high school transcript (if for the first year of a program), or college transcript (if for the second year of a program), must be submitted no later than July 31.
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